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frequently asked questions

Whether you are new to smoking ecigarettes or a seasoned vet, you may have questions about VapeFab or eliquids in general. We are confident that this page will address most of your questions. However, if you have additional questions please feel free to contact us anytime at [email protected] 

  • Q: When are you closed?

    • A: Our website is open 24/7/365. Our lab however is closed on all major holidays. If you have placed on order after 9am Central Time the day before a national holiday you can expect your order to be shipped the first business day after the holiday. We observe the following national holidays:
      New Years Day
      Martin Luther King Jr Day
      Washington's Birthday
      Memorial Day
      Independence Day
      Labor Day
      Columbus Day
      Veteran's Day
      Thanksgiving Day and Day After
      Christmas Day and Day After.

  • Q: Do you ship overseas?

    • A: We only ship within the Continental USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand at this time.

  • Q: My Order Shipped And I Still Have Not Received My Order.

    • A: Although it can be frustrating, shipping does take time. Please check when your order was shipped by using the tracking number that was emailed to you. Holidays can affect shipping times. Delays around Christmas are always expected. It is also important to remember that USPS standard and priority mail transit times are not guaranteed. You can do the following if it is imperative that you receive your order by a certain date: Select priority or expedited shipping express prior to check out and also write down expedited delivery in your order notes.

  • Q: How Fast Is The FREE Shipping Provided By VapeFab Eliquids?

    • A: Our FREE SHIPPING is based on the total weight of your shipment. Your shipment will be sent either via First Class mail or USPS priority mail. If it is imperative that you receive your order by a certain date, please select priority or expedited shipping express prior to check out.

  • Q: What Is The Correct Storage Of My E-Liquid/E-Juice?

    • A: We recommend that you keep your e-liquid bottles in a cool, dark room away from heat. Excessive exposure to sunlight can damage the eliquid and cause discoloration. Additionally, the eliquid will become unusable.

  • Q: How Long Does E-Liquid Last?

    • A: Our Ejuice lasts about a week because it tastes so good. All jokes aside, ejuice has an expiration date - just like all consumable products. There isn't enough research to clearly indicate if oxidation affects the freshness of mixed eliquids. Our PG, VG, nicotine and flavoring are all sourced factory direct from the USA and have a 2 year expiration date. However, all eliquids sold by VapeFab are labeled with a “best used by” date, which is typically one year from the production date so as to maintain the highest industry standards. Always use your best judgment. Your eliquid has probably gone bad if it does not look right or does not mix well.

  • Q: When Does Eliquid Expire?

    • A: See above: "How long does E-Liquid Last?"

  • Q: Is Your Eliquid Made In The USA?

    • A: We source all of our ingredients in the USA and make our e-liquid in an FDA Registered Lab. Our ejuice is proudly hand made to order from scratch.

  • Q: How Long Do I Have To Wait To Smoke My E-Liquid?

    • A: Some companies sell "pre-made" or "old" E-Liquids. We believe in "made to order" E-Liquids. However, the trade off is that you are getting a fresh product that needs to sit on your shelf for a few days in order for its amazing e-liquid flavor to emerge. Fruit and desert flavors need to steep for 7 days from their born date. Coffee and Tobacco flavors need to steep for 20 days. During this time your e-liquid will age so as to achieve its full flavor. We feel that our E-Liquids are worth the wait and we are sure that you will too.
      For more information regarding steeping, please visit the following links:

  • Q: Do You Sell VG Only Eliquid?

    • A: At this time we do not. We use PG as our base liquid for our flavor and nicotine.

  • Q: What Are Your PG\VG Ratios?

    • A: Every eliquid brand listed on VapeFab uses a special proprietary mix of VG and PG. Unfortunately, we are not at liberty to disclose the exact ratio.