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Perfectionist By Nature.
It's Who We Are.

Do you want the best vaping experience along with amazing customer
service and a company who only has great flavors? Our co-founders wanted
all of the above from a vaping company but were never able to find it.
They launched VapeFab. The rest, history...

What Makes Us Different? Our Unique Flavors
We have a team of passionate “Mixologists” dedicated to creating world famous flavors that you cannot get elsewhere. We use advanced R&D methods to ensure you vape the highest quality blends. All our flavors are U.S. made and guaranteed fresh. We make sure you only vape the finest flavors in the world.

First Rate Factory

We were one of the 1st companies to move our production to a factory in order to attain quality control and safety. Our FDA Inspected Lab uses high tech blending and measuring equipment to ensure you get 2 times at much flavor and an absolutely unique vaping experience.

100% Quality

100% of the ingredients used in our E Liquids are sourced from American companies and fall under strict guidelines of organizations like United States Pharmacopeia (USP), Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) and Everything Added to Food in the United States (EAFUS).

Our Promise

Other companies cut costs by reducing flavoring in their ejuice or by buying sub-par vaping ingredients from overseas brands that do not monitor product safety or security. VapeFab goes the extra mile: sourcing only from brands that maintain the highest quality ingredients. We buy in bulk and pass the saving onto you. We give you 10 times he vaping experience for half the price.

  • Quality products from the best ejuice suppliers
  • Guaranteed freshness of all our eliquids
  • Certified customer reviews from real eliquid fans

The Cause

Great Companies are NEVER solely based on their bottom line. Spreading awareness of e-cigarette usage is why we got into business. We see e-liquids as a way to escape from all the chemicals found in cigarettes. Help VapeFab spread the news about the vaping culture. Vaping is Big Tobacco Free. Vaping can save you money!

Our Ingredients We only use 100% USA Made, USP, Kosher Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin in all flavors. Our e juice flavors are made with ingredients approved by the FDA for usage in flavors and are food grade. These e juice flavors are concentrated Food-Safe e juice flavors, used in the flavor industry as general purpose flavoring for all food based applications.

Amazing Brands

Do not take the risk of putting harmful, second rate eliquids in your body. At VapeFab, we only sell brands that buy ingredients from American eliquid vendors. The eliquid brands on our site are made in a clean, sterile environment with FDA guidelines in mind. You can take comfort in knowing that you are dealing with a highly ethical vaping company that has your safety and health in mind - that's how you become the best eliquid company.

100% USA Made

Premium FULL Flavors for Eliquids
100% USA made pure PG Kosher USP
100% USA made pure VG Kosher USP Non GMO
Proud to be Diacetyl, Caffeine, WTA Free

Customer Care

We pride ourselves on offering superior one on one customer service. You will quickly find out that we have real people (who care) working at the first time you call to ask a question or place an order. We bring the same level of face to face customer service that you would expect from your local family owned store. We go the extra mile for our customers so they can have the best vaping experience possible.