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Best E Cig

May 04, 2016

Best E Cig

As millions of x tobacco users and now vapors are looking for the best e cig there seems to be thousands of websites on the topic.  When it comes down to the best e cig flavor profiles it is important to take into several factors:

  • The e cig device that you are using for your e liquid.
  • Are you dripping your e liquid into your mod or tank.
  • How old are your coil's.
  • How fresh is your e liquid and has it steeped enough
  • What is your personal e cig flavor preference

There are multitudes of options available as the market grows. You may find that your best e cig flavor gives you the best vapor in one electronic cigarette device and yet in another it just vapes blah.   Take the time to read on the companies that your buying your e liquid from.  When going into your local vape shop it maybe a little easier for beginners.  As you become more knowledgeable about vaping you will be able to find many online e liquid shops that offer larger inventory and more options to find your best e cig.

Happy Vaping!


Mo G
Mo G