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Juicy Fruit Bubble Gum E liquid E Juice

April 27, 2016

2016 Best Selling E liquid

What's your favorite e liquid is the question that i've been asked for years now.

Honestly, after vaping a few thousand e liquid flavors from countless vendors I can say that I prefer a fruity flavor such as dreamE Juicy Fruit Bubble gum e liquid or a creamy fruity e liquid such as dreamE Vintage Reserve Pixe Dust E liquid.  Occasionally, I will love vaping a custard e liquid. I know your thinking Custard E liquid.... that is so 2014. But its been a great go to on those days your just tried of vaping a Juicy Fruit Bubble gum e liquid.

In the end I can state with certainty the countless flavors of e liquids that are now available have keep me off of analogs for years with no looking back.  So if its a juicy fruit bubble gum e liquid or a creamy fruity eliquid look no further than Vape Fab.

Until next time! Happy Vaping!


Mo G
Mo G