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E-liquid Labs for e juice wholesale in the USA

E-liquid Labs for e juice wholesale in the USA

Are you looking for an e-liquid labs in the USA that can provide the best e juice wholesale?   We at dreamE vapor manufacture our best e juice wholesale in a ISO 9001 registered lab with our bottling machines that can bottle 50,000 units per day. When we created out e-liquid labs we thought of high volume for our best e juice wholesale prices and high quality ingredients.


High Quality Premium E-liquid

At dreamE Vapor’s e-liquid labs you will only find products that have been consumer evaluated prior to releasing any of our amazing e cig juice flavors to our best e juice wholesale. We vape test every new flavor before releasing it.  

Private Label E-Liquid

dreamE vapor also has the option at our e-liquid labs to private label your brand. We spent months creating amazing e-liquid formulas with unique flavors and want to help you grow your brand. dreamE vapor’s e-liquid labs are able to customize your label to meet your requirements for design and printing. We work with you to find the perfect solution to allow you to grow as quickly as you would like.


Custom Flavor E-liquid

Have you always wanted to be in the driver’s seat to create your own special flavor of e cig juice for the best e juice wholesale? We work with you to find the best flavor and throat hit. If you already have a specific flavor manufacturer that you work with that isn’t an issue either. We work with the top flavor manufacturers in the USA. We however will only purchase flavors that do not contain chemicals that are known to be hazardous to vape.

Speak to our wholesale department about dreamE Vapor e-liquid labs for you’re the best e juice wholesale.








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