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Why choose a wholesale vapor manufacturer in the USA?

Why choose a wholesale vapor manufacturer in the USA?

When searching for a distributer of wholesale vapor in the United States it is important to fully evaluate the product offerings from the vapor wholesaler. It is important to see what size bottles are available for the wholesale vapor and also the number of flavors and strengths by the vapor wholesaler. Another important aspect is where are the ingredients sourced from for their wholesale vapor?

There are many e liquid distributers that are purchasing low quality ingredients to increase their wholesale vapor profit margin without considering the consequences. Why not offer a premium product with actual high quality ingredients for your wholesale vapor? When considering these costs can add up! That’s why most of the wholesale e liquid suppliers, including those foreign, have decided to use the cheapest ingredients for the vapor wholesale clients.

As the United States is gaining popularity in e cigarettes it is matter of time that the government will find a way to tax it. FDA has been working on evaluating not only vapor wholesale but also retail. There are many safety concerns especially those related to the safety of nicotine. Up until recently there were no actual USA manufactures of e liquid nicotine. There are many e liquid nicotine distributers in the USA but they were either purchasing free base nicotine which was extracted for vapor wholesale over seas and then combined with PG or VG in the USA. Im sure they did their laboratory tests to verify that they are actually using high grade free base nicotine… by why worry about 3rd world countries handling the nicotine that you’re smoking? Wouldn’t you be concerned about what went into the e liquids that were purchased by your vapor wholesaler?


Only Premium E juice & E liquid Ingrediants


We at dreamE Vapor work with the top manufactures of vapor ingredients in the USA. We then buy those ingredients by the truck load to offer vapor wholesale e liquids at the best prices. We only deal directly with the source of our flavors, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and of course e liquid nicotine.    


We want to be your next vapor wholesale distributer. Let us know how we can help you get to the next step our line of amazing e liquids at unbeatable wholesale prices.




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