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Dateline: Eliquids at the Alabama County Fair. Yes, this is going to be a fun one!

Dateline: Alabama e cig tanks Country Fair


The flight from California to Alabama was a good one.   While on my chartered plane I prepped as I most always do, going over my latest seminar with precision.  My notes were in front of me:  First page, the njoy electronic cigarettes, 2nd page e cigarette safety, 3rd page volcano e cig, 4th page blu e cig review, 5th page e cig tanks, 6th page blu e cigarette, 7th page halo e juice, 8th page blu e cig cartridges. 


I did what I so often did on these flights.  I began thinking of a new and exciting way to present the audience with information about e cig tanks, halo e juice, blu e cig cartridges and volcano e cig.  You see, if the audience is not interested in the way you present information about e juice you’ll never get anywhere.  I, your humble correspondence, have done hundreds of these seminars.  I was in other industries doing seminars before I decided to make e juice my calling, before I decided to become the deacon of e liquids.  Now, I tend to do seminars on e cigarette safety, blu e cig cartridges, volcano e cig and njoy electronic cigarettes in my sleeps – or perhaps I should say I “can” do lectures about e cigarette safety, volcano e cig, blu e cig review, e cig tanks in my sleep.


After a few new entries into my workbook about e cigarette safety I decided it was time to get a little shuteye.  I knew the plane would land soon, then I would be in Alabama and all those rabid fans asking me about volcano e cig, blu e cig review and e cig tanks.


  • I arrived at my hotel at 6am.  The red eye flight could not deter me today.  I was here to preach the gospel on e cigarette safety and I knew I had to be on my A game.  I puffed on some halo e juice just to remember why dreamEvapor was far superior to halo e juice.  I even tried some njoy electronic cigarettes, again remembering why dreamEvapor was head and shoulders better than njoy electronic cigarettes. 


I put on my volcano e cig, the one with an X through the volcano e cig.  Before leaving the hotel I updated my notes on blu e cigarette, njoy electronic cigarettes, e cigarette safety and halo e juice.  I then threw a few e cig tanks, njoy electronic cigarettes, halo e juice bottles and blu e cig cartridges into my bag as I left. 


I arrived at the Alabama convention hall fairly early.  A man by the name of Andres approached me. 

Andres:  are you going to talk about e cigarette safety or the volcano e cig first today, Mark? 

  • Me:  That top secret, Andres.  I said while chuckling.   Actually, I am deciding if I should go with halo e juice or blu e cig cartridges to start the introduction.  “Po poing” blu e cig cartridges is a sure fire way to get the crowd on my side. 


  • Andres had a final piece of advice.  “I think that is a great way to begin the seminar with blu e cigarette.  There, blu e cigarette, are not doing too well down here” 


  • Andres was then off…


I got onto the stage.  The projector was up and running.   You see all my topics that I was ready to discuss:  e cigarette safety, blu e cigarette, blu e cig review were at the head of the table. 


I took a deep breath as I always do and then I was ready. 

“Hello, Alabama…”  Are you ready to hear the gospel according to Mark from dreamEvapor.”

The crowd in Alabama who was ready to hear my blu e cig review erupted in cheer. 

“As many of you know I go coast to coast, 365 days a year and 24/7.  My goal is to let all of America know everything on every topic related to e juice, from e cig tanks to the blu e cigarette, from the horror that is blu e cig cartridges to my rambling on the blu e cig review.  I will open up today’s seminar on the blu e cig review, because the blu e cig review or shall I say the negative blu e cig review has caused quite a stir recently. 


To be continued….



Mark M.

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amer shakir


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