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  • Today is a good day to do a few e cig reviews.  Last week, our e cig reviews focused on menthol e cigarette (menthol electronic cigarettes, best menthol e cigarette, menthol e juice, best menthol e cig and menthol e cig – amongst various others).

Today our focus will in our e cig reviews will be decided by random generation.  Wait a few minutes while I go to our magic e cig reviews ball.  Ok, the choice is in…  We will focus on our absinthe e liquid flavor for our e cig reviews.  dreamEvapor absinthe e liquid is what all the fans of absinthe e liquid have been waiting for.  e cig reviews and people who do e cig reviews all around the country will tell you how good this flavor is.  So please try some today. 

Now, here is something we learned from our menthol e juice review.  People loooooove menthol e juice.  I myself rarely every smoke menthol e juice.  To, me I try to stay away from the old versions of cigarettes.   If you are going to go in a new e liquid direction then why not vape on a bunch of “new age” vape flavors.  But, for all you menthol e juice fans out there, dreamEvapor has you covered. 


  • How much do you want to pay for menthol e juice?  $20, $15, $10, $5.  dreameVapor has some of the lowest prices you’ll find on menthol e juice.  Just peruse our website and you are sure to find it!


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