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The topic of ecigarettes took off like a wildfire.


e cigarette forum

I have to admit that I visit e cigarette forum a lot.   How else does one get the latest scoop on ecigarettes or e cigarette liquid or even e cig mods.  The e cigarette forum is the one of the best places to go to find great information.  So what have I heard:  Last week, there was great buzz about the ego ecig.  They said that e cigarette liquid taste great in the ego ecig.  Was it better than the other e cig mods.  Fans on your local e cigarette forum can be a fickle bunch.  So I decided to go to the same e cigarette forum (an e cigarette forum that I don’t want to name) a second time, to see if the discussion had advanced.  From time to time I would create my own thread.  Last week I started 3:  one was about e cig mods, the other one was about e cigarette liquid and lastly there was one on ecigarettes. 

The topic of ecigarettes took off like a wildfire.  And I stroked the flames by asking, don’t you think ecigarettes are a fad?  If you want to get people on e cigarette forum upset just ask say ecigarettes are not here to stay.  No joke, e cigarette forum members will quickly search you out and take you to task.  I went back into the e cig mods thread that I created and I said “the ego ecig makes my ejuice taste funny.”  Again, e cigarette forum members would not have it.  They defended the ego ecig with all their might.  So I asked them “what other e cig mods do they use for their e cigarette liquid?”  There was no universal answer regarding e cig mods (some did say the ego ecig were very good for their ecigarettes or e cigarette liquid) but there was no consensus from e cigarette forum members.  So, I guess I’ll just have to create another handle next week, go to another e cigarette forum and again ask my questions about e cig mods, ecigarettes and the ego ecig.  I know that doing in depth research on topics like this will result in getting the bigger picture.  It will help to build a better company and make sure fans of ecigarettes get exactly what they want.  It’s the only way to ensure that this industry lasts, and to make sure it remains in good hands for more and more people to enjoy their e cigarette liquid with their favorite e cig mods.  If other people in the the e cigarette liquid industry would try this method, if they would try this hard to make sure that e juice tasted great in every e cig mods, not just the ego ecig, then I think the future for ecigarettes will be great!



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amer shakir