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People often ask the question “are electronic cigarettes safe” or “are e cigarettes safe”.  It’s as legitimate a question as where can I get some “e cig flavors” or how do I get the “best e liquid” in town. 

Even the best e liquid or the best e liquid company cannot guarantee the safety of its ecigarettes.  The science behind ecigarettes is still not very well known, although studies are being conducted around the globe to find out if what the long term health effects of using ecigarettes.  As a company, what you can try and do is make sure that your e liquid flavors and your e cig flavors come from the best places in the U.S.A.  Keep this in mind, not all e liquid flavors companies are the same.  However, we will get back to that in a moment. 

First, we must travel overseas to dig deeper into the aforementioned question.

You cannot use overseas sources for your ecigarettes, e cig flavors or e liquid flavors.  They are just not very trustworthy.  Overseas, the rules and regulation are few.  In China, when they are producing ecigarettes they don’t ask themselves are e cigarettes safe when their e liquid flavors hit the production line.  We visited an ecigarettes factory – one of several places we have been to.  We saw the hard work they were putting in, but then we noticed that there are just no rules and regulations.  The desire to make money leads to people doing whatever they want.  Even the best e liquid they produce in China was not up to our standards – and that was at the best e juice factory.  We had to turn over every stone to find out where they got their e cig flavors and what exactly was in their e cig flavors.  Remember a few years back when they had the horrible incident with their baby formula?  If they could put all sorts of toxins in their baby formula, what do you suppose they would do to take care of the health of an adult? You know the answer of are e cigarettes safe if you are buying from China.  You know the answer to are electronic cigarettes safe when you walk down the Xinxiang province.  So where exactly do they get their e liquid flavors?  Are they real or are they artificial.  Are chemists making up fake e cig flavors just so you’ll think they taste good?  Or are they using amazing, organic recipes to makes sure that at the very least, the e cig flavors won’t harm your body? 

Next, we traveled to Europe. 

Now, there are a few countries in Europe that do take safety seriously.  However, even the best e juice regulation in Europe should not be trusted in America.  Europe has had a regulating body in place for years.  It was nearly 5 years ago when ecigarettes burst onto the scene in Europe.  They seemed to be the one who created a method to make sure that their e liquid flavors were safe.   However, Europe is very large and there is no standardized method by which all of Europe is guided.  You can get 1000’s of e liquid flavors all over Europe, but you’ll never know which one is the best e juice.  Take England for instance.  They have over a dozen large e cig flavors producers.  They have all the top blends:  Oranges, grapes, peaches, but when you ask where they produce those e cig flavors there is no answer to be found. 

So what is the goal of our actions?  How will we make sure your concerns over the “are electronic cigarettes safe” question is answered correctly.  What steps are we as a company taking?

Before you ask, we ask: are e cigarettes safe.  Every time we buy an e cig flavors we ask them to tell us exactly where they are getting their flavors from.  And believe me, you have to push hard.  Because some people, even in the U.S.A will tell you anything.   That is why you have to be experienced.  You need to know a little bit about chemistry yourself so you won’t be taken to the cleaners.  Trying to make the e cig flavors is almost like going to a mechanic.  If you don’t know anything about a car then a mechanic can tell you anything, and you’ll believe it.  ecigarettes and e cig flavors are like getting a car fixed.  We’ve been fixing cars – making the best e juice—for years now.  We know what you have to do to make sure the “are e cigarettes safe” question is answered correctly.  We don’t just call someone up and say are electronic cigarettes safe and then just take their word for it.  Because if you do that, you know exactly what the answer will be. 


So after the questions have been asked, and then asked again, it’s now time to try and produce the best e juice on the planet.  Now, its time to make sure that you are making your ecigarettes in an FDA regulated lab.  The FDA has yet to answer the question are electronic cigarettes safe.  Some say, they wont be able to tell us if are e cigarettes safe for years to come.  However, the FDA does have strict guidelines for food safety.  We, at dreamEvapor treat ecigarettes like a food product.  To make the best e juice you need to get the best e liquid factory.  It is inside the factory that you can control the environment.  You can make sure you know what is going inside your ecigarettes.  The dirty little secret in the ecigarettes industry is that there are some vendors who are making ecigarettes inside their garages, or worse yet, in their bathrooms.  How can you trust an ecigarettes company that follows no safety rules, or any hygienic rules whatsoever?   They’ll all say we are the best e liquid company, but then ask them what protocols they have in place to ensure that the are electronic cigarettes safe question is answered.   Inside our factory we control everything.  We have dozens of protocols in place to ensure that products are as clean as possible.  We are, after all, trying to make the best e liquid and the best e juice on earth.  We know we cannot answer the question are e cigarettes safe; however, we go beyond asking are electronic cigarettes safe. 

We want to make the best e juice and to do that we must control our sources, and then control our production line.   If you don’t think these practices qualify us to be the best e liquid company then please let us know what more we can do to ease your mind.   


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