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 e juice flavors at a baseball game... 


I was on my way to a baseball game.  Outside in the parking lot I saw dozens of people smoking e liquids via their vapor cigs and disposable e cigarette kits.  See the puffy white smoke hit the air brings a smile to my face for many reason.  One, it means one less person is in the grips of big tobacco.  Every new vapor cigs smoker means less money for “big government”.  For now, people could still smoke their disposable e cigarette in parking lots.  They are no longer forced to smoke their vapor cigs in their car while the radio is playing.  I drove around the parking lot looking for my parking spot; instead, I spotted more people with their e liquid bottles and their favorite e juice flavors.  By my count, there were over 20 people just in the parking lot with a disposable e cigarette smoking e liquids.  Now, I thought to my self, will the stadium also allow people to smoke a disposable e cigarette inside?  If that happens, it’s a big win for us smokers who for years couldn’t go anywhere.  We were relegated to a small section of stadiums where were forced to mingle with other smokers in shame.  Now, we can all talk about our favorite e liquids with a smile on our face.  There is no more stigma.  Infact, people all want to know what were are doing.  What are those remarkable disposable e cigarette devices most people wonder. 


At the stadium, I was able to go to my seat.  I looked out and I saw some “steam”.  I knew what that meant: vapor cigs were allowed inside this stadium.  Now, in California, it might have been a different story.  In California the government is still asking the same question every day:  are electronic cigarettes bad for you.  We all know that regular smoking is bad for you, but are electronic cigarettes bad for you is a question that still remains to be answered. 


By the 3rd inning I noticed all the people chewing their tobacco.  We know that chewing tobacco is bad for you, but are electronic cigarettes bad for you?  I wondered if the manager in the dugout could all of a sudden light up his disposable e cigarette and enjoy his favorite e liquids.  Are we going back to the future?  Are we going back to the days when anyone could smoke anywhere?  Can we once again begin smoking vapor cigs at a hospital.  Remember the old black and white movies where they smoked inside hospitals.  It seems as if we will see a day when e liquids will become so mainstream that they will be allowed to be smoked anywhere.  No one knows the answer to the question are electronic cigarettes bad for you, at least not yet.  What if, in a few years the research comes out and we get the answer to are electronic cigarettes bad for you and the answer is “NO”.  What will the governments do then?  Will they then say people can enjoy their e juice flavors where ever and whenever they want?   Will we see little kids smoking e liquids in the same manner as little kids smoke cigarettes in Taiwan? 


By the 3rd inning I was hungry.  I ate a hot dog and then my old brain kicked in as I searched for a place to go smoke.  Now, I could have used my disposable e cigarette right there in the courtyard, but it is an old habit to go sneaking away to use your vapor cigs.  It is just what we smokers due.  The shame and stigma of smoking is still buried deep inside us.  Even when we can smoke in public, we want to go to a special place to enjoy our e juice flavors.


I met up with 30 or so smokers.  Now, you could see the trends changing.  A few years back it would have been 100% cigarettes smokers.  You would not have seen one person using a disposable e cigarette.  Now, it is gotten to about 10 percent of people enjoy e juice flavors instead of their classical cigarette. 

I started a conversation with one person.  He was a doctor.  I asked him “are electronic cigarettes bad for you”.  He did not know.  No really, tell me what you think.  What could go wrong?  How will we ever know are electronic cigarettes bad for you.  He didn’t want to discuss the subject.  He rather talk about e liquids and e juice flavors.  I agreed.  Discussing e juice flavors was a much easier subject. 


I went up to all seven people with their disposable e cigarette and asked them to tell me a little about their favorite e juice flavors.  Bull Blueberry by dreamEvapor was one of my favorite e juice flavors said one person. 



Once the smoking was done I went back to my seat and began thinking about e juice flavors.  I couldn't concentrate on the game as the thoughts of vapor cigs ran through my mind.  I left the ball park convinced that people were looking for a new type of vapor cigs. 


And that is what I was going to build. 




Mark M.

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amer shakir