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Finding your favorite e cig brands



Do you smoke your favorite e cig brands every morning when you wake up?   I was on my way to a baseball game.  Every morning when I wake up I use the best electronic cigarettes.  Of course, it is easy for me to use the best electronic cigarettes.  I work for a reputable e liquid company ( and that is why I can do so.  This morning, after having a few nicotine free cigarettes, I read the blu e cig reviews.  The blu e cig reviews were the same as usual: bland.  I went to the gym after having two nicotine free cigarettes.  It was then time to work out.  At the gym, I began talking to people about e cig brands.  They all wanted to know if I had seen blu e cig reviews in the paper and if I had e cigs for sale.  I let them know that I had plenty of e cigs for sale and that I could give them the best electronic cigarettes because I always carried lots and lots of e juice bottles in my car.  But first I would have to finish my work out.


The work out ended.  A few years back I would have a cigarette right after my work out.  Now, I save my body by having nicotine free cigarettes, two nicotine free cigarettes to be exact.  I grabbed some coffee and enjoyed the my dreamEvapor, the best electronic cigarettes money could buy. There are many many e cig brands but dreamEvapor is undoubtedly the best.  Just read their reviews and then read the blu e cig reviews and you’ll quickly note that there is no comparison – even the nicotine free cigarettes that dreamEvapor makes are just amazing. 


I went to my car with a few people from the gym following me.  They asked me which “e cig brands” did I have for sale.  I told them there was only one brand that I would qualify as the best electronic cigarettes and that was dreamEvapor.  That is the e cigs I would sell them.  Each person bought two nicotine free cigarettes.  While I was selling them, a gal walked by.  She too had heard that I had the best electronic cigarettes in the world and wanted to know if I had any e cigs for sale.  I told her “of course I do”.  Just look inside my trunk at the 500 e cigs for sale that I had to offer.  Just make sure you leave the nicotine free cigarettes for me. 


Will you write a review, I asked her?  Well, I have done a few blu e cig reviews so I can definitely do a few for you.  Next week, instead of doing my blu e cig reviews I will talk about dreamEvapor and how they have the best electronic cigarettes and some amazing nicotine free cigarettes. 


I was ecstatic.  I had converted someone who did blu e cig reviews and they would now start doing reviews for our e cig brands.  That’s how you make a real sale, that how you become the best electronic cigarettes dealer in America, dreamEvapor. 


Two more people walked by.  And you could here the shouts “do you have e cigs for sale,” “I heard you have e cigs for sale,”  I told them I did.


I would walk away that morning selling my favorite e cig brands and preventing someone from doing blu e cig reviews.  That’s what you call a good sales morning!

Mark M.

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amer shakir
amer shakir