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To be a free electronic cigarette or not to be a free electronic cigarette, that is the question.    


Early this evening I was an “e liquid” seminar.  These seminars are never the same.  At some seminars you get the free electronic cigarette crowd, your typical electronic cigarette forum member, people who ask you what is an e cigarette, there are always people interested in the ego e cigarette, but mainly they come to find out about the best vapor cigarette.


I fielded each question as I often do.  I started with the “best vapor cigarette.” 

The best vapor cigarette question came from Tom.  He had been using e liquids for only 2 months and wanted to know who made the best vapor cigarette.   I told him the obvious choice was dreamEvapor and you could get their products at


What makes dreamEvapor have the best vapor cigarette on the market, asked Tom.  Tom, its all about the ingredients.  To make the best vapor cigarette you need to have ingredients that can hold up.  They need to taste absolutely amazing for it to the best vapor cigarette.  You cannot simply have a bottle that smells good to be the best vapor cigarette. 


So all those bottles that simply smell good are not the best vapor cigarette, he asked?   I told him, sometimes look or “scents” can be deceiving.  Your nose can fool you when it comes to the best vapor cigarette, but your taste buds never will. 


The next question came from Lou Ann.  She was in search of a free electronic cigarette. 

“Hi, this is Lou Ann,” she said.  “Can I ask you where I can get a free electronic cigarette?”

I said to her, “why do you want a free electronic cigarette?”  Was there something special about a free electronic cigarette?  Did she not have the money to afford a $100 vaping device that would give her the best smoking experience possible?  I said, “Lou Ann, a free electronic cigarette is not all that it is cracked up to be.”  Lou Ann, you rather “pay money,” for quality than look for a free electronic cigarette. 


Harmeet then stood up.  Harmeet was a person who ran an electronic cigarette forum.  He had read thousands upon thousands of posts on his electronic cigarette forum.  If anyone knew about the e juice industry it would be Harmeet. 


Mark, he said.  This last week I have read countless people talk about the ego e cigarette on my electronic cigarette forum.  I asked him if it was a trend, the conversation about ego e cigarette or did he think that the ego e cigarette was making its way into being the preferred vaping device on the market.


Hey Mark, I just run an electronic cigarette forum.  I don’t have all the answers. 


The people at the seminar burst into laughter.  If Harmeet didn’t know anything about the ego e cigarette then what were we suppose to know. 


“Yes, I do suppose that the industry is changing.”  I really think that the ego e cigarette is the type of vaping device that everyone now wants.  A few years back people preferred other types of vaping devices, but now I think they all want a vaping device like the ego e cigarette. 


Harmeet, can you please monitor your electronic cigarette forum for another two weeks and let me know what your electronic cigarette forum members have to say about the ego e cigarette.  I think it is a question that we all want the answer too. 


The last person that stood up was Julie.  Julie was a complete newbie and I knew the question she was going to ask:  what is an e cigarette? 


Sure enough, Julie got up and said “what is an e cigarette” and I was fully prepared.  I bring along my giant projector on which I have a bevy of subjects that I can cover.  The question what is an e cigarette is one that I had a thousand slides for.   I could have taken 2 hours to go the question with Julie.  But I decided to answer it very simply.  Julie, what is an e cigarette, you ask.   Yes, please tell me what is an e cigarette?  It is a device that is going to change the world. 


I could see that was the perfect answer for what is an e cigarette. 




Mark M.

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