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A seminar that went well because I had all the answers to people’s questions about an e cigarette store, the best vapor cigarette and more. 


Today’s installment of my e juice journals takes me to the great state of Washington.  It was over here that we rented out a hall at the Hilton hotel.  300 people gathered for my e juice seminar.  It was a gathering of people who were into e juice reviews, blu cigarettes, electronic cigarette health risks managers and many more. 


As always, I spoke for 30 minutes, bringing up such subjects as vapor liquid, halo e liquid, electronic cigarette health risks and many more. 


I had slides, which included images of nicotine free electronic cigarettes, the best vapor cigarette and 14 of the finest e cigarette stores. 


After commencing my speech I opened up the floor to avid e juice fans.  I called on Brenda first who was wearing a halo e liquid shirt and blu cigarettes jacket.  I new Brenda was an e liquid junkie and was in all likelihood a member of the famed e juice reviews community. 


Hi this is Brenda, she said.  “I write for www dot e juice reviews dot com.”  “I wanted to know what you think about electronic cigarette health risks” 


I said, “Brenda, how long have you been thinking about electronic cigarette health risks? Because we have been thinking about electronic cigarette health risks for a long time.  She mulled over my question. 


I am not the one who thinks about electronic cigarette health risks but it is readers from my e juice reviews blog that typically ask me the question. 


Me:  electronic cigarette health risks

Brenda:  When will electronic cigarette health risks be known?

Me:  The FDA has yet to do any real research on electronic cigarette health risks.

Brenda:  Have any doctors done research on electronic cigarette health risks?

Me:  They are getting there…


We paused for a while and then I said:  You have how many people on your e juice reviews site?

Brenda: On my e juice reviews site…  I think there are over 500 member on my e juice reviews website. 

Ok, so what are all these people saying?  I’ve heard people take their e juice reviews very seriously.  Brenda went on to tell me that the questions people were asking her related to the halo e liquid, vapor liquid, the best vapor cigarette and of course e cigarette juice.  When Brenda, the e juice reviews aficionado, finally sat down I had quite a bit to mull over.  But you can never think too long about questions at these seminars.  More people were ready to ask away.


Hello my name is Greg.  I love the halo e liquid.  Is there anything more you can tell me about halo e liquid. 

Me: halo e liquid is a hot topic here in Washington.  In-fact, up and down the west coast people are talking about halo e liquid. 


Greg, I said.  I think we’ll have to save your question about the halo e liquid for after the seminar.  It is a lengthier discussion than what I want to get into right now.


Yes, you in the green jacket I said, looking over to my right at someone next to the blu cigarettes table. 

Hi, I am Sharleen, she said.  Initially, I was told that blu cigarettes were the best vapor cigarette, but now I’ve come to the conclusion that blu cigarettes and nowhere close to being the best vapor cigarette.  In-fact, they are more like the worst e cigarette juice than the best vapor cigarette. 


Mam, why this hatred of blu cigarettes, I asked. 

Sharleen went into a 15 diatribe about blu cigarettes and how blu cigarettes were all about marketing. 

I don’t think anyone would buy blu cigarettes if it weren’t for their commercials. 


Well then, don’t buy blu cigarettes.  Go with dreamEvapor, I said.  They are no doubt the best vapor cigarette you can buy. 


John quickly stood up.   I knew my remark about, blu cigarettes and the best vapor cigarette had peaked his curiosity. 


“Let me guess, John.”  You want to talk about the best vapor cigarette ever. 

The crowd chuckled.

John:  Is it that obvious that I am interested in the best vapor cigarette?

Yes, John.  Everyone can see that you are a man who takes vapor liquid very seriously. 

John:  Well, you mentioned dreamEvapor, vapor liquid, and the best vapor cigarette so I’ll just pretend that the question about the best vapor cigarette was yours and not mine.  Maybe that way I can get to ask two questions…


Me:  John, my friend you can ask as many questions as you like, especially if they are about the best vapor cigarette which is dreamEvapor. 


The audience again laughed. 


John:  Well, I will throw you a curve ball.  Lets get off the subject of the best vapor cigarette and go with another topic:  vapor liquid.  Are there any nicotine free electronic cigarettes that you know of. 


I know of many nicotine free electronic cigarettes, I said.  dreamEvapor themselves carry over 50 of the best e juice flavors and all of them can be turned into nicotine free electronic cigarettes.  You’ve been a smoker for years, havn’t you John.  Yes, he replied.  Is that why you are looking for nicotine free electronic cigarettes. 


Yes, that is exactly why I am looking for nicotine free electronic cigarettes.  I have managed to ween myself down from 18MG to 6MG.  Now, I think if I can find a great e juice to put in my nicotine free electronic cigarettes then I can officially call myself an ex-smoker. 


If you want great nicotine free electronic cigarettes go to and there you’ll find as many nicotine free electronic cigarettes as you want. 

Hi, this is Xian from Salem Washington – great seminar today on e cigarette juice.  It’s probably one of the most productive seminars on e cigarette juice that we’ve had here in Washington in a while.


I am a local shop owner and I am looking to expand to another e cigarette store, maybe 2 or 3 e cigarette stores in the next few months.  What do you make of the e cigarette store market? 


Me:  The e cigarette store market is strong.  Our projections indicate that there will be strong growth in the e cigarette store market for another 24 months.  We might reach a plateau in Q4 of 2016, but for now we encourage every to open up more e cigarette stores as they want.


Xian had another question, this time it was about e cigarette juice. 

“e cigarette juice, what are your thoughts…,” he said. 


Can you elaborate a little more than “e cigarette juice?”  I really more to work with.


Xian: Well, lately I have been thinking a lot about e cigarette juice.

Me:  Well, you are a shop owner.  You should think about e cigarette juice all day and night. 


Xian chuckled.  Well, I do think about e cigarette juice day and night now.  Do you think the Chinese market can ever dominate e cigarette juice or do you think the FDA will prevent China from dominating e cigarette juice? 


Me:  The FDA, e cigarette juice and China are a touchy subject.  I think your best bet would be to buy U.S. made e cigarette juice for now.  Because if the market does change you don’t want to have an inventory of 1000’s of e cigarette juice bottles. 


Yes, he said.  A large inventory of e cigarette juice is what I am concerned about…






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