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In Mississippi, the heart of e liquid usa…


I drove about 15 miles to the Hilton convention hall in Mississippi.  I was ready to give away a free e cigarette in fact why just one free e cigarette I thought.  Why not give away 10 free e cigarettes to these loyal enthusiasts that would show up today.  On my ride over I prepped for my spiel.  I went over the topics at hand:  e cig accessories, how do electronic cigarettes work and blu starter pack. 


I have gotten quite accustom to doing these road shows.  I am on the road 365 days a year.  Over the past year I have covered everything from what is the best electronic cigarette to e liquid reviews.  I’ve spoken about the blu cigarette review and the blu starter pack.


I walked into the hall with chants of e liquid usa, e liquid usa blaring in the back ground. 

I grabbed the microphone with enthusiasm, soaking in the roar of e liquid usa, e liquid usa once again. 

“It’s great to be in Mississippi, what I consider the heart of e liquid usa,” I said. 


I know why you are all here:  To win a free e cigarette. 

“e liquid usa,” they chanted.  “e liquid usa,” they chanted some more. 

And I have some great news for you all…  I am not going to give away one free e cigarette.  See, one free e cigarette would just be too sparse for a crowd this large.  I decided to give away 10 free e cigarettes. 


A man from the crowd yelled: “Why not give away 20 free e cigarettes?” 

I burst into laughter.  It was my good friend John Thompson.  He was always trying to convince me to give away a free e cigarette here and there. 


John, if I gave away 20 free e cigarettes then what will I have left when I go to Alabama next week?  Don’t they also deserve a free e cigarette? 


First topic:  I am going to start off by reading some e liquid reviews.  Jenny, from Oakland California, has done a few e liquid reviews.  Her most recent e liquid reviews were about the blu starter pack.  The crowd was not very enthusiastic to hear the news.  It seems as if the blu starter pack has not gotten high marks from the e liquid reviews community. 


I had heard all the negativity surrounding the blu starter pack.  The blu starter pack was just not enough for people.  Sure, when you are new to e juice you can away with buying a blu starter pack, but once your “matured” a bit the blu starter pack just will not do.  The starter pack from dreamEvapor is sure to be better than the the blu starter pack. 


Terry, from Oklahoma, was another person who did a ton of e liquid reviews.  Some would say e liquid reviews were her life. 


“Terry, one of your most recent e liquid reviews was about e cig accessories…”

Can you elaborate more on e cig accessories?


I sure can tell you more about e cig accessories.  There are now over a 1000 e cig accessories.  To me that is a whole heck of a lot of e cig accessories that we need to sift through. 


Me:  And when did you notice the boom in e cig accessories? 

Terry:  I noticed in about 2011.  In late 2011 the e cig accessories market began to ripen.  Now you can’t go anywhere without someone trying to sell you e cig accessories.   She continued by saying, “my business partner Scharlette runs an e cigs reviews blog.  She can probably tell you more…


Scharlette, who was an avid reader of dreamEvapor and our e cigs reviews site, got up.  She had been waiting for nearly an hour to speak and she had a lot on her mind.


“Good afternoon, everyone.  My name is Scharlette.  I run a prominent e cigs reviews blog site. 

Me:  Can you tell us the name of your e cigs reviews domain? 

At this time I would like to keep the name of my e cigs reviews website private.  I am not on official business for my e cigs reviews and so I would rather not. 


Ok Scharlette, I said.  What would you like to discuss, if not your e cigs reviews company.  Because lately, it seems as if everyone wants news about e cigs reviews…


Scharlette, with her cold hard stare said, “I want to talk about this blu cigarette review…”

She held up a paper with the blu cigarette review that she had printed out.  Now, I don’t know where this blu cigarette review came from.  It was certainly done over the internet by an anonymous person and it seems as if there are many blu cigarette reviews, but can I be certain that it is the real thing?  It seems as if they are all done by anonymous people, people that perhaps are making money to do a blu cigarette review.  


Me:  Well Scharlette, we know in this industry that there are some people who take money to do a review, but I cannot say if the blu cigarette review you are talking about was real or not.  You’d have to contact the company in question and ask them if they were paid to do a blu cigarette review.  Now, I can tell you this:  I do many ecig reviews and I have never been paid to do any of our ecig reviews.  In-fact, dreamEvapor never pays anyone to do ecig reviews.  All our reviews are done organically.  That is how real ecig reviews should be done.  Any blogger who asks for money to do his or her ecig reviews is not a professional in my opinion.  I remember when we 1st started out.  People would contact us saying, “Give us free e juice and we’ll do a few ecig reviews for your company.”  I quickly told them that there was no way that I would give away our e juice to a blogger just to get them to do ecig reviews.  How can you be trusted if that is how you get bloggers to do your ecig reviews?  It is not happening under my watch. 



Mississippi, the heart of e liquid usa burst into applause.  The liked hearing that we would never pay anyone to do e liquid reviews or e cigs reviews. 


I took a break from the Q and A to go over a special topic: what is the best electronic cigarette.

It was here that I could work over the crowd and tell them all about dreamEvapor. 

Go to and you are sure to find out the answer to the question: what is the best electronic cigarette.  At dreamEvapor we’ve spent countless hours trying to deduce what is the best electronic cigarette. 


I handed out pamphlet after pamphlet, each and every one it in bold: what is the best electronic cigarette.  By the time I went though all 45 aisles and looked at all 500 people at the Hilton Convention Center there would be no doubt who or what is the best electronic cigarette anymore. 


If anyone asks you “what is the best electronic cigarette” you now have the answer, I screamed.


A man, trying to bring some levity back into the crowd yelled, “what is the best electronic cigarette?”

I yelled back, dreamevapor!  Just kidding, he said.  I have another question for you. 


Spit it out I said.


Tom, a man in red pants, said:  how do electronic cigarettes work?  Because I know that some electronic cigarettes don’t work so well.  That is why I am asking you how do electronic cigarettes work. 


Are you asking me to go over that question from a technical point of view, or do you want a lay persons definition on how do electronic cigarettes work? 


No, said Tom.  I am not looking for the lay person meaning of what is the best electronic cigarette, excuse me, how do electronic cigarettes work.  I want to know from a mechanical standpoint how do electronic cigarettes work. 


The mechanical standpoint…  I knew you people were a shrewd bunch.  But don’t you think it’s a bit too late in the evening to get into that deep a discussion on how do electronic cigarettes work.  I mean, we are not at MIT.  At MIT I am sure an engineer would be more than happy to break down every facet of how do electronic cigarettes work.


So I posed a question to the crowd. 

Good people of Mississippi.  Do you want to know how do electronic cigarettes work or do you want to go eat some ribs.  Only one person shouted “how do electronic cigarettes work”, the rest got up and were ready to eat. 


Tom stood with a smile on his face.  Even he would rather eat ribs than worry about how do electronic cigarettes work, at least for today. 






Mark M.

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