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Where can I purchase E liquid at wholesale prices?

Where can I purchase E liquid at wholesale prices?

There are many options when searching for your next wholesale e liquid supplier. However, there many things to look out for when you are looking to purchase e liquids at wholesale prices.

  1. Where is e liquid from? Are they manufacturing wholesale priced E liquid in the USA? Or are they importing from foreign countries and selling it as USA wholesale e liquid prices?
  2. Does the e liquid manufacterer have product liability insurance on their wholesale e liquid manufacturing?
  3. Do they use Nicotine that was extracted in a FDA compliant facility?
  4. Are they using flavoring that was made in the USA?
  5. Are any ingrediants used in the wholesale e liquid that are known to be unsafe for vaping?
  6. Are they using PG and VG from USA or foreign countries?
  7. What measures does the wholesale e liquid supplier take to ensure you receive your wholesale e liquid freshly made?
  8. Does the wholesale e liquid manufacturer use LOT numbers?
  9. Do they have manufacturing dates?
  10. Does their label meet the FDA regulations?
  11. Are their bottles child proof and tamper proof?
  12. How quick can the e liquid manufacturer providing wholesale prices ship your order to you?
  13. Will your wholesale e liquid supplier release new flavors to keep up with market demand?

We at dreamE are keeping updated with all proposed future FDA regulations many of which we had in place since our inception. We always buy all of our ingrediants from USA vendors that were in business before e liquids were even introduced to the market. We work closly with our vendors to ensure we can delivery a high quality product to your clients to keep your clients coming back for more. When you purchase from dreamE our wholesale e liquid prices are realistic, based on actual costs and not inflated to take advantage of the market. We want you to suceed.

So the next time your thinking where can I purchase e liquid at wholesale prices it should be followed with questions to ensure your getting a USA made e liquid at wholesale prices?

Mo G
Mo G