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Best Wholesale E-liquid

Are you a brick and mortar vape shop looking to expand your current line of the best wholesale E-Liquids? We at dreamE strive hard to provide the very best e-liquid possible. We only use high quality USA made propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and our ever expanding mouth watering flavors are all food grade without the chemicals know to be hazardous to vape.

dreamE provides very competitive priced wholesale e-liquids. We believe using all USA ingredients and we bottle our liquids in an FDA registered lab using ISO 9001 standards.

Don’t TRUST buying your wholesale E-Liquid overseas!

For generations Americans have purchased overseas for the competitive pricing. However, you always deal with long shipping times, high shipping rates, lost shipments, and transfer or wire fees. These wholesale e-liquids are made using presumable standards of which there are no restrictions! STOP THE MADDNESS! dreamE offers a solution close to home. We source all our ingredients from the USA. We even go lengths to ensure our propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin is made in the USA. Many companies use 2 or 3rd party PG and VG assuming its safe because of the Certificate of Analysis.

Easy Peasy ordering.

Our wholesale e-liquid ordering is simple as 1-2-3

  1. Login to your account If you dont have a Wholesale E-liquid account please create one and email us to switch to wholesale pricing.
  2. Add any of the best tasting e-liquids to your shopping cart.
  3. Check out – Select the flat rate shipping for wholesale orders


Made to order wholesale e-liquids

We don’t believe in mass production wholesale e-liquids. At dreamE we custom make your order. Why buy subpar liquids that have been sitting on the shelf or in a box for a month before you get it! We provide a lost cost solution that allows you to purchase a larger variety of wholesale e-liquids and be able to offer a huge selection to your clients. Our quick turnaround time ensures you won’t need to purchase more then you need and never run out of your best selling wholesale e-liquid.

Sign up and contact us with any questions you have… we are here to help your business succeed!

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