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Orlando:  Disney should have an e cig forum… 

I made my way to Orlando.  It should have been a quick one day stay but I decided to extend my visit.  I was in town for my latest seminar.  I would be setting up a wholesale e juice shop for a few new people.


They had done their homework, their e cig forum, and had found dreamEvapor to be amongst the leaders.  I think if any one goes to an e cig forum they’ll find that we are hands down the best in the business. 


At the local vape shop where I was setting up another e cigarette wholesale account I ran into various people.  We would hold a town meeting and there we would get into a myriad of discussions.  The 1st topic on everyone’s list was ecig liquid for sale.  Lately, ecig liquid for sale has been a huge topic for people to discuss.  You can go to various sites, but there really is just one that you need to know:


I walked into the e cigarette wholesale vape shop and there were 30 people, waiting to ask their questions:


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  • wholesale e liquid
  • e cigarette wholesale
  • the best e cigarette



Who wants to go first, I asked? 

I do, said an elderly gentleman.

And what is your question, Sir – does it have anything to do with best e liquid flavors or e cig forum or where to buy e cigarette?


HIM:  you hit the nail on the head.  I want to know about e cig liquid flavors.  That’s all I care about.  Not a day has gone by lately that I don’t think about e cig liquid flavors, electronic cigs or ecig liquid.


I see you are quite obsessed!  I said. 

HIM:  Well, nowadays you have to be.  If you want to open up a wholesale e liquid vapeshop then you really do have to obsess about these things…


ME:  Let me as you all a question?  How many of you are just random folk, peoples who like e cig liquid flavors.  And how many of you are actually in the business of e cigarette wholesale? 


  • No hand went up when I asked about e cig liquid flavors…
  • Every hand went up when I mentioned e cigarette wholesale…


I see.  You are all here to learn how to run a successful wholesale e liquid business.

Yes!  We want to run a successful wholesale e liquid they all shouted.


Well then, let me answer that gentleman’s questions…  What was your name, sir?

Morty, he replied. 

Well Morty, what do you want to know?


As I said, I want to know about wholesale e liquid.  What makes your wholesale e liquid better than the rest?  Is there anything special about your wholesale e liquid?


Yes there is. 

Here is why you should choose dreamEvapor wholesale e liquid over the other company


FDA clean room lab

Amazing Prices

Amazing Flavors

Great Shipping


Morty, what else can I tell you about wholesale e liquid? 

Morty:  I want to know about a whole host of things.  We just opened up a vapor shop in Arizona, California, Utah…  You name it, we are there, or trying to get there.  So any information on where to buy e cigarette, ecig liquid and of course even an e cig forum or two where we can do some marketing would help. 


Well, I am going to give you some important information, Morty.  The rules of the e juice game are changing.  When e cigarettes first launched it was easy to make a good e juice.   Heck, no one even knew what a good e juice was.  They had nothing to judge it against.  Now, if you want to make the the best e cigarette for your e cigarette wholesale clients you need to go above and beyond.


Then I asked a question to the crowd


Have any of you recently been to any e cig forum?  And if so, do you happen to know what they are saying on those any of those e cig forums? 


One person, Mario, was quick to answer.  Let me tell you something.  I visit an e cig forum on a daily basis; in fact, I can say I go to an e cig forum at least 4 times a day.  And I have seen that everyone is talking about wanting to know what is the the best e cigarette.  However, no one has the answer for what is the best e cigarette. 


Well, Mario, that is why I am here – or shall I say, that is why you all brought me here.  You want to know about the best e cigarette and I can provide you with that info.  I have done all my research on e cig liquid flavors and vape e cig and lest I forget to remind you, I know everything about electronic cigs.



How to become a successful electronic cigs dealer?


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Since that is what you all want to know, since you are all looking for information regarding how to get your customer to buy e cigarette from you.  I have all the answers.  I’ve done all the research…  So go ahead.  Ask me anything. 


Dennis had a question.  What do you know about this here vape e cig, he said in his southern drawl.

I know a lot about the vape e cig. 

Well, can you tell me how many people now smoke a vape e cig?

I sure can tell you that.  There are now 1 million people who have a vape e cig and it is presumed that another 5 million people will try a vape e cig in the coming year.

And do you think the same applies to electronic cigs? 

Yes, of course I replied.  They, electronic cigs and a vape e cig, are basically the same things. 


  1. The electronic cigs run on batteries.
  2. The electronic cigs can be filled with your best e liquid flavors.
  3. The electronic cigs is here to stay!


My name is Martin.  I have a question about the best e liquid flavors.   You stated that dreamevapor had the best e liquid flavors.  Don’t you think that is a bold statement. 


No, martin, I don’t think saying that we have the best e liquid flavors is a bold statement.  And here is why.  No other company goes through as much as we do to make our e juice the best e liquid flavors.  Some people may do one thing to make the best e liquid flavors.  Some may do two.  But we literally do a thousand things to make the best e liquid flavors. 


Does anyone want to know about how to buy e cigarette, ecig liquid or my all time favorite e cigarette wholesale? 


The hands went up real fast.  I could tell they were really interested.   I knew we would ecig liquid, e cigarette wholesale and a whole host of issues all throughout the night…



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