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Where can you get some great e-juice today for my smokeless cigarettes so that I can have the best ecig experience possible?  You’ve asked the million dollar question when it comes to e cig juice. 

Let me start off by saying that dreamEvapor which is categorized as an “e juice or an e cig juice” company has hands down the best e juice and best ecig for your smokeless cigarettes.  If you go to the mall and look for e juice you are sure to find second rate e juice carriers.  Malls, do not care if you get the best ecig.  They carry brands such as blu electronic cigarette – another place that carries blu electronic cigarette is your local gas station.  Even some “min-marts” carry blu electronic cigarette.  None of these entities care if you get the best ecig for your buck.  But why would anyone want to buy e juice for their smokeless cigarettes from a mall or gas station?  Do you really want to fill up your ego e cig from a gas station?  I for one, who has 4 different smokeless cigarettes, would never do so.  Yuck, might as well throw my e juice down the drain and run my ego e cig over with my car. 

If you have a reputable device, like an ego e cig, I would only want e cig juice that I knew would taste great so that I could enjoy my smokeless cigarettes to their fullest, so I could brag to people that I have the best ecig around.  Have you looked at instagram lately? You won’t find people reppin’ their blu electronic cigarette.  You will, however, see pictures of people holding their ego e cig with e juice sourced from dreamEvapor. 

So where does one source the best e juice or e cig juice for a device like an ego e cig?

I know blu electronic cigarette spends millions of dollars on advertising.  But, are their ads paying off when it comes to a bigger slice of the e juice or e cig juice market?  The data is still not quite clear as the smokeless cigarettes market is still very new and it has for one to proclaim best ecig with any concrete data.  But, what we can say is this:  blu electronic cigarette now has some stiff completion from new brands and that dreamEvapor caters to your ego e cig.  We make sure that the e juice we provide you will taste great in your ego e cig.  So now, you don’t have to buy blu electronic cigarette from the mall; nor do you have to throw away your e cig juice.  You can breathe easy, knowing the smokeless cigarettes you have come with the best e cig juice around. 

You can shout “I have the best ecig” with no hesitation!


Mark M.

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Are you having trouble finding your e cigarette brands?

The following article contains data about e cigarette brands and which one will provide the following: 

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e cigarette brands come and go.  In order to stay consistant like dreamEvapor you need to do many things: Quality control for your e cig liquid, e cig juice that doesn’t lack flavor and a way to make cheap cigarettes.

Most e cigarette brands lack all these aspects.  e cigarette brands take liberties making e liquid.  dreamEvapor never cuts corners and that’s why in article after article dreamEvapor is known one of the best e cigarette brands on the market. 

How many e cigarette brands will you go through before you realize that we can provide you with the type of vaping experience that you deserve?  Don’t let other e cigarette brands trick you.  You might pay less for some e cigarette brands but in the end you are paying more because their quality is lacking.  e cigarette brands can also use secondary ingredients which will lead to a bad vaping experience. 

So that is why dreamEvapor is on top of market when it comes to e cigarette brands.


Mark M.

dreamE vapor


amer shakir


team dreamE

Orlando:  Disney should have an e cig forum… 

I made my way to Orlando.  It should have been a quick one day stay but I decided to extend my visit.  I was in town for my latest seminar.  I would be setting up a wholesale e juice shop for a few new people.


They had done their homework, their e cig forum, and had found dreamEvapor to be amongst the leaders.  I think if any one goes to an e cig forum they’ll find that we are hands down the best in the business. 


At the local vape shop where I was setting up another e cigarette wholesale account I ran into various people.  We would hold a town meeting and there we would get into a myriad of discussions.  The 1st topic on everyone’s list was ecig liquid for sale.  Lately, ecig liquid for sale has been a huge topic for people to discuss.  You can go to various sites, but there really is just one that you need to know:


I walked into the e cigarette wholesale vape shop and there were 30 people, waiting to ask their questions:


  • best e liquid flavors
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  • e cigarette wholesale
  • the best e cigarette



Who wants to go first, I asked? 

I do, said an elderly gentleman.

And what is your question, Sir – does it have anything to do with best e liquid flavors or e cig forum or where to buy e cigarette?


HIM:  you hit the nail on the head.  I want to know about e cig liquid flavors.  That’s all I care about.  Not a day has gone by lately that I don’t think about e cig liquid flavors, electronic cigs or ecig liquid.


I see you are quite obsessed!  I said. 

HIM:  Well, nowadays you have to be.  If you want to open up a wholesale e liquid vapeshop then you really do have to obsess about these things…


ME:  Let me as you all a question?  How many of you are just random folk, peoples who like e cig liquid flavors.  And how many of you are actually in the business of e cigarette wholesale? 


  • No hand went up when I asked about e cig liquid flavors…
  • Every hand went up when I mentioned e cigarette wholesale…


I see.  You are all here to learn how to run a successful wholesale e liquid business.

Yes!  We want to run a successful wholesale e liquid they all shouted.


Well then, let me answer that gentleman’s questions…  What was your name, sir?

Morty, he replied. 

Well Morty, what do you want to know?


As I said, I want to know about wholesale e liquid.  What makes your wholesale e liquid better than the rest?  Is there anything special about your wholesale e liquid?


Yes there is. 

Here is why you should choose dreamEvapor wholesale e liquid over the other company


FDA clean room lab

Amazing Prices

Amazing Flavors

Great Shipping


Morty, what else can I tell you about wholesale e liquid? 

Morty:  I want to know about a whole host of things.  We just opened up a vapor shop in Arizona, California, Utah…  You name it, we are there, or trying to get there.  So any information on where to buy e cigarette, ecig liquid and of course even an e cig forum or two where we can do some marketing would help. 


Well, I am going to give you some important information, Morty.  The rules of the e juice game are changing.  When e cigarettes first launched it was easy to make a good e juice.   Heck, no one even knew what a good e juice was.  They had nothing to judge it against.  Now, if you want to make the the best e cigarette for your e cigarette wholesale clients you need to go above and beyond.


Then I asked a question to the crowd


Have any of you recently been to any e cig forum?  And if so, do you happen to know what they are saying on those any of those e cig forums? 


One person, Mario, was quick to answer.  Let me tell you something.  I visit an e cig forum on a daily basis; in fact, I can say I go to an e cig forum at least 4 times a day.  And I have seen that everyone is talking about wanting to know what is the the best e cigarette.  However, no one has the answer for what is the best e cigarette. 


Well, Mario, that is why I am here – or shall I say, that is why you all brought me here.  You want to know about the best e cigarette and I can provide you with that info.  I have done all my research on e cig liquid flavors and vape e cig and lest I forget to remind you, I know everything about electronic cigs.



How to become a successful electronic cigs dealer?


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Since that is what you all want to know, since you are all looking for information regarding how to get your customer to buy e cigarette from you.  I have all the answers.  I’ve done all the research…  So go ahead.  Ask me anything. 


Dennis had a question.  What do you know about this here vape e cig, he said in his southern drawl.

I know a lot about the vape e cig. 

Well, can you tell me how many people now smoke a vape e cig?

I sure can tell you that.  There are now 1 million people who have a vape e cig and it is presumed that another 5 million people will try a vape e cig in the coming year.

And do you think the same applies to electronic cigs? 

Yes, of course I replied.  They, electronic cigs and a vape e cig, are basically the same things. 


  1. The electronic cigs run on batteries.
  2. The electronic cigs can be filled with your best e liquid flavors.
  3. The electronic cigs is here to stay!


My name is Martin.  I have a question about the best e liquid flavors.   You stated that dreamevapor had the best e liquid flavors.  Don’t you think that is a bold statement. 


No, martin, I don’t think saying that we have the best e liquid flavors is a bold statement.  And here is why.  No other company goes through as much as we do to make our e juice the best e liquid flavors.  Some people may do one thing to make the best e liquid flavors.  Some may do two.  But we literally do a thousand things to make the best e liquid flavors. 


Does anyone want to know about how to buy e cigarette, ecig liquid or my all time favorite e cigarette wholesale? 


The hands went up real fast.  I could tell they were really interested.   I knew we would ecig liquid, e cigarette wholesale and a whole host of issues all throughout the night…



Mark M.

Contribute to dreamEvapor 


amer shakir

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